Brass Angle Bars and Their Many Useful Applications

An angle bar, also known as “L Bracket”, is a metal bracket used to provide stability to structures. It is often installed within or along the edges of beams and other platforms that may not have enough capacity to carry the expected load. Due to the tough work required, an angle bar is usually made of galvanized steel, a metal known for its high corrosion resistance and tensile strength. That, however, is only one of the many uses of angle bar.

Inside your home or workplace, you will see quite many objects that have at least a piece of angle bar in them. Of course, these angle bars are not made of galvanized steel since they are mostly used for decorative purposes and not for holding structural loads. Besides, galvanized steel angle bars don’t look as appealing as you would want your furniture and other decorative elements in your home or workplace to look.

Brass Angle Bars Used to Enhance the Look of a Home’s Stairway Railing

There are many other metals that can be used to make angle bars, but perhaps the most appealing of them is brass. Apart from its shiny, reddish shade, which looks elegant and classic, it is also incredibly tough and resistant to weathering. Below are some interior design elements where you can use brass angle bars.

  • Handrail – To prevent injurious falls when ascending or descending stairways or escalators, handrail is usually installed along the edge of the steps. Not only will brass angle add stability to the handrail but it will also complement the design to enhance the stair’s overall aesthetics.
  • Interior Trim – The ends and corners or your windows, hanging cabinets, and interior walls look dreary without a decorative trim. If you want your interior to keep an antique appeal yet doing away with traditional wooden trim, consider going for brass angle.
  • Kitchen Island or Cart – Is your kitchen too spacious that moving around isn’t as laidback as it should. You might want to consider adding a kitchen island or cart that can help you access the things you need more easily. For efficient design, you can use brass angle bars for the framework.
  • Workstation – When a typical table seems inconvenient for your limited workspace, you need an efficient option. A foldable workstation with brass angle feet and support can be your best bet. With brass’s amazing toughness, expect your workstation to be capable of holding heavy loads without caving in.
  • Custom Stool – To further personalize your room and workstation design, consider making your own stools and chairs made of brass angle bars. They would definitely make a great addition to your furniture as well as a symbol of creativity that you can brag about to all your friends.

Brass angle, indeed, has many uses. If you’re ingenious enough, you can make other useful stuff out of it that can further embellish your bleak space. Before purchasing brass angle bars, however, do your research first. Make sure that you will be getting them from a trusted supplier like Rotax Metals so that you can get the most value for your money.


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