Achieve Elegant Design by Using Copper, Bronze, or Muntz Metal Tiles

Elegance is defined as the perfect blend of gracefulness and style. An elegant design is one that is attractive, sophisticated and often times elusive, making it a worthwhile goal to achieve if you want to improve the look of a space. Elegance certainly attracts a favorable and lasting impression.

Due to its upscale nature, chasing elegance can seem like a daunting and difficult endeavor. That said, you don’t have to take obsolete or expensive approaches to have elegance in your design. Elegant design is possible for every style and taste, and sometimes, using the right material can be enough.

Muntz Metal Tiles Make for a Great Covering Material for Your Surface

Installing copper tiles and its other variants–such as bronze or muntz metal–is an attractive way to add some instant elegance to a space. You can use them on any wall, even the ones that encounter moisture or heat, such as behind the shower, above the fireplace, or behind the kitchen stove. Achieving a unified design with copper tile walls means striking the right balance between the metal’s rich sheen and the rest of the decor.

A Balancing Act

The key to making copper, bronze, or muntz metal tiles work is to introduce other metal finishes as well as other materials that will complement its unique look. Copper’s elegant dark yellow color can at times be overwhelming, and too much of it can choke the space. To prevent this from happening, always pair copper with other metals and textures. For instance, in the kitchen, pair your copper with white metal, such as stainless steel or chrome. In the living room, line your fireplace with copper and have some wrought iron nearby. Aside from metals, stone can also be a good complement to copper.

It’s All in the Finish

Copper’s finish is ever changing. Depending on its environment, the metal can turn red, blue, green, white, and even black. You need to take copper’s fickle nature into consideration when installing your tiles. As a rule of thumb, choose light-colored copper for homes with contemporary designs or dark interiors. Use dark copper for traditional home designs or those that already have lots of color.

Choosing the Right Pattern

Like most tile products, copper tiles come in a wide array of patterns for you to choose from. Common choices include plain, shiny, riveted, hammered, and embossed. Different textures work for different decors. Ordinarily, plain and shiny tiles work well for contemporary homes, while copper tiles with repeating patterns give traditional spaces a unifying feature. Riveted tiles can help you achieve a steampunk or industrial look.

Where to Put Them

Copper tiles are an eye-catching feature, so it’s best to use them sparingly instead of putting them on every available wall. Install them on one or two walls and make them the room’s focal point. Great places to put them include the kitchen backsplash, around the fireplace, above the bathroom, and surrounding mirrors in the bedroom.

Where to Find High-Quality Copper

For all your copper, bronze, and muntz metal needs, order your supplies from trusted manufacturers of copper products, such as Rotax Metals.


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