Brass Still Plays a Vital Role in the Locksmithing Industry in 2016

Recently, a resurgence of public interest in the historic mortise lock has demonstrated the enduring value of brass fixtures for attractive, specialized locks. Historically, brass, particularly brass engraving, often played a role in the metal faceplates and keys used by locksmiths to help secure doors. The intricate design of the mortise lock illustrates the usefulness of brass to the locksmithing profession.


A Specialized High-Security Lock

In 1865, Linus Yale patented the Mortise Cylinder Pin Tumbler Lock. An example of this Victorian Era high-security lock remains on display at the Lock Museum of America. The mortise lock represented a new, higher level of protection in locks because, when properly installed, it conceals the locking mechanism within a mortise cut inside the door. A solid face plate helps prevent unauthorized access, frustrating lock pickers. The mortise lock soon gained widespread popularity because of its superior protective abilities, making it one of the most commonly used locks in many homes constructed during the second half of the 1800s.

Today, mortise locks have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in many places among homeowners and businesses interested in using higher security, stronger locks. Brass has become one of the most popular metal finishes used in the door handles and faceplates of new mortise locks.

Versatile Design

Brass frequently provides important design elements in modern mortise locks. For some time, brass tubing has contributed to the fabrication of many home lighting and plumbing fixtures. A lot of residential properties use attractive brass facades that carry forward brass finishes as a unifying decorative theme.

For example, beautiful brass finishes on door handles and faceplates suggest a rustic, country or Georgian theme. When combined with the generous use of other fixtures, such as brass door knockers, brass residential name plates on mailboxes and brass exterior lighting fixtures, a brass mortise lock door handle and faceplate help create stunning entrance ways. By engraving brass attractively, many manufacturers enhance elegant decorative home fixture and lock sets.

Available Brass

Numerous designers seeking the high grade metal components required for fabricating brass-finished items depend upon reputable metal suppliers. Brass mortise faceplates make an attractive locksmithing addition to home and business exterior doors.


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