Millennials like the Industrial Charm of Engraving Brass on Furniture


Millennials today are shopping for unique, quirky, and fun furniture that makes a statement in a rustic home or a modern one. Industrial furniture is one of the top furniture trends on the market. Various metals and rich wood are a common feature to most industrial furniture. When someone says Industrial Furniture, we often think of it in terms of steel and cast iron; however, brass is slowly making its way back on to the playing field with the masterful art of engraving brass plates.

Brass is known for its non-corrosive, sturdy nature. Items made out of this material also tend to last longer. It is common for us to see a lot of brass used in western furniture. According to Phyllis Oates, an expert on western furniture, brass was bent in to elaborate shapes and used for lighting fixtures and beds. Beds were made out of steel tubing with a brass casting and then trimmed with solid brass. Furniture store catalogs in the 1880s were full of ornate works of art entirely out of brass. Another unique feature about the brass bed was it helped to eliminate the bed-bug problem during that era.

Brass is produced by suppliers like Rotax Metals in many forms and sizes. Versatile brass tubing is used for plumbing, decoration, railings, boat details, automotive details and parts; rods are typically used for decoration and fabrication; sheets of brass are used for engraving signs and even kitchen counter tops! There are a thousand limitless ways to use brass in architectural products, lighting, and industrial furniture.

Engraving into brass is fairly easy to do if you have a steady hand and an engraving tool. Many industrial furniture makers use brass plates to engrave the name of the product, the year it was made, the artist or designer, and what city it was made in. An engraved brass plate adds a fine detail and professional look to a finished product. Most often this gives the piece a vintage look that the millennial generation is attracted to.

Whether you are an Architectural designer, lighting manufacturer, custom sign and furniture maker, or the average home owner, brass can be an integral part of your project. The next time you design a work of art think of using brass. It ages beautifully, leaving a rich patina next to reclaimed wood and gives a special touch to that boat or automobile you may have just restored.


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