Brass Tube and Sheets: Modern, Attractive Material for Home Redesign

Many people have an impression of metal as a cold, hard building material. In the right hands and with some creative craftsmanship, however, certain metals give off a warm and comfortable vibe that’s perfect for residential homes.

Modern, Attractive Material for Home Redesign

Foremost of these metals is brass which can come in many forms such as square brass tubing and sheet metal. For remodelers and interior designers, brass is an excellent material to add to your design plans. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Due to its appearance and stiffness, it’s easy to assume that metal furniture must be uncomfortable. Yet this is far from the case. Simply adding upholstery and cozy cushions can make brass chairs great spots to lounge in. This process is also applicable to beds. It’s also easy to fashion brass into various profiles; shape it into whimsical curves and other designs to add visual interest.


Want to enhance traditional wooden tables? Consider using brass. It’s sturdy, tough, and resistant to corrosion, making it a great material for this oft-used part of a home. In addition, brass acquires a distinct blue-green patina over time, giving it a distinguished look that’s always an asset to any living area.


For a touch of retro in the kitchen, brass shelves are a beautiful way to go vintage. The warm, golden hue of custom-made brass shelving will fit any color scheme from neutral tones to bold black and white combinations. Another popular design trend is to combine brass tube and sheet metal with wood to create a dramatic, earthy look in the kitchen.


Finally, you can utilize brass hardware and fittings to clients’ furniture pop. Door knockers and handles, cabinet pulls, vents, window locks, floor thresholds, and even floor registers for air conditioning are perfect places to put in some brass highlights.

The outstanding qualities of brass make it a great choice for remodelers and designers seeking fresh looks for residential projects. In fact, brass is counted as one of the hottest design trends by various experts today. It certainly comes as no surprise: this copper alloy is sophisticated, durable, resistant to the elements, and can last a lifetime with minimal care, which means homeowners get to appreciate and enjoy it for many years to come.


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