3 Kitchen Makeover Ideas Using Brass Sheet Metal and Brass Extrusions

The kitchen is truly the heart of any home. Countless memories are created and shared in here, whether it’s simply lounging around on a regular day or entertaining friends and family on special occasions. As such, a kitchen should always exude a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Brass Sheet Metal

If you’ve been contracted for a kitchen makeover this year, take advantage of brass sheet metal for your design scheme. Here are three ways to incorporate this beautiful and durable material.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

An excellent way to open up a kitchen is by adding brass LED lighting fixtures. You can use them for everything, be it as accent lights for floating shelves to dramatic chandeliers and lamps. Brass lighting fixtures impart a touch of vintage sophistication, and they are also cost-effective because brass is more inexpensive compared to other metals. A masterfully-crafted brass LED lighting fixture will infuse the whole place with light and warmth.

Brass Range Hoods

Another way to add visual interest is to switch to a brass range hood. This is especially stunning for a kitchen done in neutral tones or featuring wood. A brass metal hood will add aesthetic contrast without dominating the scheme completely.

Brass Kitchen Accessories

Is your client not yet ready for a major kitchen overhaul? Recommend taking it slow with brass accessories. High-quality brass extrusions and sheet metal can be fashioned into various profiles. For instance, brass handles and hinges are a great way to make cabinets and bins pop. You may also consider brass pot fillers and faucets to give the kitchen more personality. Finally, bring back luster to old countertops by decorating the edges with brass sheet metal trim.

From countertops to shelves, brass brings a luxurious look to the table. It’s both classic and contemporary, and it plays well with a wide range of color and material combinations.

In addition, the properties of this metal make it ideal for use in the kitchen environment. It is rust-, corrosion- and heat-resistant. It lacks chemical components which makes it eco-friendly and safe. It’s also malleable yet tough, making it a flexible design material. Brass is indeed a great choice for interior designers looking to give residential kitchens a unique and charming facelift.


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