Bronze Sheet Metal and Bronze Bars: Seaworthy Merits for Boatbuilding

The call of the sea is impossible to resist. Imagine mile after mile of deep-blue water extending towards the horizon, plus the feeling of the sun on your skin and the hypnotic sound of waves.

Seaworthy Merits for Boatbuilding

There’s nothing quite like this experience. For some people, the temptation can be so strong, many people turn to building their own boats for sailing. If you’ve been bitten by the sailing bug and planning to build a boat for yourself or even turn your interest of building boats into a business, few metals can beat bronze when it comes to seaworthiness.

Resistance to Corrosive Effects of Seawater

Salty seawater is extremely corrosive, and using the wrong metal or alloy can leave a boat vulnerable to damage once it’s sailed. Some alloys which contain a lot of zinc, for instance, are susceptible to dezincification. This is a process by which seawater corrodes the zinc in the metal, leaving behind a shell that retains its original shape but contains very little strength.

In contrast, bronze is primarily an alloy of copper and tin, and it has trace amounts of zinc. Therefore, bronze sheet metal is an excellent material for parts below the waterline such as boat hulls because it’s not prone to dezincification and other forms of corrosion.

Various Types for Seafaring Purposes

There is a wide range of bronzes you can use for boat building, and each has its own advantages. That’s why it is vital to work with a purveyor that is highly knowledgeable about the different types of bronze bars, sheet metal, and other profiles you might need.

For example, silicon bronze is commonly used for wooden boat fastenings thanks to its corrosion-resistance and strength. Aluminum bronze is an excellent choice for rigging screws. Nickel-aluminum bronze may also be used for propellers.

The versatile properties of bronze have made it a sought-after material for marine applications. Foremost of these is its resistance to seawater corrosion. It’s also strong and can easily be fashioned into propellers, hulls, bearings, nuts, springs, bolts, and screws. In addition, bronze also has an attractive appearance that blends well with wood and other common boat building materials. When it comes to crafting a seaworthy vessel, bronze is truly second to none.


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