Durability, malleability and affordability are the top considerations of the metal industry when it comes to brass alloys. Brass angles are preferred for shopfitting, construction, and architectural uses. Due to its enduring features, the brass angle has been used for many applications by fabricators, designers, and artisans.

A blend of copper and zinc, brass is a special metal favored for its excellent durability. This alloy does not crack easily, nor deteriorate from freezing or hot temperatures. Brass is spark-and-fire-resistant, allowing it to tolerate exposure to high temperatures better than other materials.

Brass exhibits good machinability and can easily be joined to all other copper alloys and pieces with the same properties. Most instrumentation and electrical applications include the brass angle as a requirement. Aside from outperforming other compounds, brass is also a natural inhibitor of bacterial growth, making it a safe and hygienic choice.

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Extensive Online Inventory of Brass Angles

At Rotax Metals, we are known for having an extensive inventory of brass angles, of various types and makes. By selling off the shelf and expediting shipping, we ensure that our clients can maintain their productivity and boost profits.

Browse our comprehensive inventory of brass metals and other high-quality products. We understand how valuable time is for businesses, which is why we want our clients to experience a convenient way to get the materials they need without having to leave their workplace. Rotax Metals stocks and distributes brass, bronze, and copper in the following variations:

  • angles
  • bars
  • channels
  • plates
  • tubes
  • sheets

Our products are sold as raw materials, and once purchased, they can be cut to any shape or size for immediate collection and distribution. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, kindly contact us so that we can discuss your options.

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