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The Copper in Your Car—Where to Buy Copper Sheets, Wires, and Other Supplies


It takes more than a single type of metal to build a car. Major components, such as the body and chassis, are usually made of steel and aluminum, but mechanical and electronic parts require more specialized alloys. Parts of the radiator and most of the wires, for instance, are made of copper.

The average car contains about 55 lbs. of copper. Most of this metal go to wires connecting the chief components of the engine and air conditioning system. Of all the metals, copper is the material chosen for this task for obvious reasons. Here are some of the properties of copper and their applications in the car’s functionality.

Electrical Conductivity

While a car’s primary function is mechanical, it needs electrical energy to support its other features. In fact, for the engine to start, electricity must be fed to the starter. It is, therefore, critical for the car design and structure to have a highly conductive and efficient electrical system. To achieve that, all wires have to be made of copper and brass sales.

Copper wires are responsible for carrying current from the battery to basic features of the car, such as lights, central locking, on-board computers, in-car entertainment systems, and satellite navigation. Safety features, such as airbags and ABS braking systems, also need electricity to set off.

Thermal Conductivity

A car’s engine consists of different metal parts that rub against each other at high speed when the car is running. Friction produces heat, which is why the engine tends to become very hot after a long drive. This heat has to be released instantaneously to prevent the car from overheating. To achieve this, coolant has to pass through the radiator to cool it down, and the best material for transferring heat through that fluid is copper due to its high thermal conductivity.

Corrosion Resistance

Driving your car on various terrains exposes it to all kinds of elements, which can have a corrosive effect on its metal components. This is why manufacturers make sure that the car parts are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. Tubes that convey oils and fuels are made of copper or brass because these metals do not easily break, thus avoiding leaks. Most of these parts are collected for recycling at the end of the car’s life.

Bearing Capacity

Copper alloys also don’t wear easily since they do not stick when rubbing on the surface of other metals. This makes them an excellent bearing material, which is very common in most engines, not just in vehicles. Brass and bronze, in particular, perform better than other metals as a bearing.

Various applications other than car engines require the use of copper and its alloys. These metals may also prove useful when doing simple home renovations, such as backsplash installation or countertop covering. If you have projects that require copper supplies, you shouldn’t be confused about where to buy copper sheets. It would be best to turn to a trusted supplier like Rotax Metals.

Where to Buy Copper Sheets: Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Project

Whether you are working on a small project or planning to put up a business that involves the use of metal supplies, you need to find the perfect supplier to partner with. Unfortunately, with so many metal suppliers out there, it can be daunting to find one that is capable of supporting your needs. Here’s a few tips on choosing where to buy copper sheets, tubes, and other materials for your project.

where to buy copper sheets

Vast Experience

A lot of companies claim to be fully capable of meeting all of their clients’ needs. No matter how convincing they may be, it’s quite easy to tell whether they can really live up to their promise or not. Just ask how many years they’ve been in the business. A few years of experience may seem long but when it comes to supplying building materials, a company needs more than that. If possible, choose a supplier that has more than a few decades of experience providing for all kinds of business.


Complete Inventory

Most suppliers that have been operating for decades are capable of providing a huge selection of metal supplies. Whether you need sheets, bars, or tubes, they must be able to deliver. For very specific designs, customization solution must be available. Of course, this will only be plausible if the supplier has a wide network of manufacturers and distributors. If possible, find one that has a foundry of their own.


Extra Services

The best supplier not only offers the highest quality products, but is also ready to perform other solutions that you might need for your project. For instance, if you need metal polishing and shearing, waterjet cutting, or metal fabrication, they must have the facility to perform those. If you need custom extrusion or have to order bulk quantities, they have to be ready to deliver your needs.



While it’s a perk for a supplier to have virtually all kinds of metal in store, they must have a certain specialty that buyers can easily access. For instance, suppliers like Rotax Metals specialize in copper alloys, such as brass and bronze. These are the metals you will most likely need for your project. If they are offering these metals, it’s very likely that their products are far better than those of other suppliers.

Instead of shopping around for the best material, it would be much easier to look for a reliable supplier. This way, you can narrow down your search very easily. You can even ask advice from the supplier themselves about what could work best for your project. They might lead you to an option where you can save more and get the best value for your money.



How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your Business,

The Amazing Properties and Applications of Copper—Facts from Your Favorite Copper Sheet Supplier

There are tons of information about copper on the Internet, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Although not as valuable as gold and silver, copper is one of the most widely used metals in the world. It has been utilized for over 10,000 years and so far produced hundreds of alloys, each of which benefits at least a couple of industries. The most popular alloys of copper are bronze and brass, but even as a pure element, it is still prized for its many useful properties. (more…)

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