Engraving Brass

Everything You Need to Know about Engraving Brass and Other Brass Supplies

A lot of metalworkers and manufactures choose brass over other materials for their projects, and for many good reasons. An alloy of zinc and copper, it is versatile, durable, and resistant to corrosion. It also possesses a gold-like appearance, which is perfect for decorative elements and architectural features. (more…)

Interesting Facts about Engraving Brass and Other Metals that You Should Know

During a time in history when ink and paper were still rare commodities, people turned to engraving as the cheapest means of conveying messages. Well, it’s not entirely cheap but since it can be done on almost anything, people prefer it to the more sophisticated inking. It’s no wonder tons of unearthed ancient artifacts are full of all sorts of engraving. It’s a good thing though because engravings don’t fade or wash away so they can preserve valuable information and memories for millennia.  (more…)

Traditional and Modern Methods of Engraving Brass for Sign Makers

Brass is a popular choice for signs because of its surface that ages beautifully in time and its impressive resistance to corrosion. Engraving brass consists of cutting, carving, or printing on brass steel plates. Some examples of brass signs are office and residential plaques for inner and external grounds as well as commemorative signage. If you’re new to using brass and want to know both the classic and the latest techniques, here are several methods for engraving brass. (more…)

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