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A Brass Tube and Other Forgings Bring Beauty and Function into Homes

In a May 30, 2014 article for the Star Tribune, designer and home improvement expert Vicki Payne declares that brass is back in home furnishings. Payne discusses the trend of “vintage brass,” where the metal’s conventionally shiny polish is toned down by a softer finish. Aside from creating a warm appearance, the finish also reduces maintenance requirements.

Copper, Brass Sheet Metal, and Other Forgings Strengthen Utilities

The costs of failing to instate a reliable grounding system can be a matter of life and death. That’s what the Copper Development Association (CDA) aims to emphasize in the upcoming APCO 2014 Conference & Expo in August.

Most Bacteria are No Match for Brass Sheet Metal, Thanks to Copper

Some hospitals and medical facilities have brass and bronze fixtures, from handle bars to their plumbing. This stemmed from a need to control the spread of infection within the facility.

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