Copper, Brass Sheet Metal, and Other Forgings Strengthen Utilities

The costs of failing to instate a reliable grounding system can be a matter of life and death. That’s what the Copper Development Association (CDA) aims to emphasize in the upcoming APCO 2014 Conference & Expo in August.

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In a press release published in their official website,, the CDA announced that David Brender, CDA’s National Program Manager for Electrical Applications, will be presenting case histories where there was a lack of proper grounding and bonding. This flaw has disrupted the operations of communication facilities, which may have been hosting emergency hotlines like 911.

Brender will “highlight how adapting the power quality infrastructure can benefit any facility that operates electronic equipment.”

“Grounding and bonding electrical systems is paramount for any communication facility because it provides a low impedance path for transient overvoltages, such as lightning, to flow safely to earth,” said Brender. “Without a secure system in place, service can be interrupted causing equipment to be affected, damaged or — even worse — fail, at a critical time.”

In order to be effective, the entire grounding system needs to be properly designed, using listed connectors and corrosion-resistant materials that meet or exceed the NEC parameters. For example, a lightning protection system must be well-grounded in order to work properly. Copper and its alloys are the most common materials because they provide superior reliability, corrosion resistance and avoid oxidation complications at connections.

Aside from its electrical uses, brass is one of the copper alloys widely used in a variety of industries. Versatile brass sheet metal and other forgings are made into different system components. Most notably, brass is used for electrical contacts or connectors, bullet casings, nuts and bolts or screws, and plumbing hardware.

Together with copper, brass generally makes up parts of electricity and wiring, heating and cooling, plumbing, and numerous other utilities. The resilience and conductivity of the metals enable the components to withstand varying temperatures and natural elements. What’s more, the metals are proven cost-efficient over alternatives like steel because they require less difficulty in machining.

With the important applications of copper and brass products, getting high quality raw materials is imperative for a manufacturer. Established brass suppliers like Rotax Metals can be sought for standard metal forgings in different sizes and shapes. Using top grade materials, you can reinforce the product’s functionality and durability, as well as reassure the safety of your customers.

(Source: CDA’s Electrical Expert to Speak to Public Safety Communication Professionals at APCO about the Importance of Grounding and Bonding,, April 23, 2014)

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