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Brass Tube Supplier Discusses the Many Benefits this Alloy Offers

For most people, strength is the primary attribute that metals possess. After all, metals are used for industrial purposes, such as in construction, architecture, or even plumbing.

In reality, though, many metals in their pure form are not particularly hardy. Take for instance copper, which is relatively soft compared to other structural metals. Fortunately, adding other metals to copper—a process called alloying—can greatly improve its strength. (more…)

Brass Sheet Metal Distributor on Why this Alloy is Stylish Once Again

Interior design trends aren’t unlike fashion trends: things that were once considered stylish become outdated, while long-forgotten designs often enjoy a revival. One trend, however, is not only making a roaring comeback; it looks like it’s going to stay for good. (more…)

In a Game of Physical Properties, Bronze Bars Win Gold Every Time

Gold may be first place in the Olympics but bronze has a myriad of award-winning properties. One of them is its abundance.

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