Commercial Space Inspiration: How To Create Some Brass Tube Elegance

When it comes to commercial architecture, one type of metal clearly stands out from the rest. That would have to be brass and for good reason. This metal is timeless and fairly easy to maintain. Not to mention, it makes for an elegant detail in any architectural theme that you are going for.

It’s true, the use of brass can go along way in any modern commercial space, whether you are working on a hotel lobby, retail store, or even a department store. Ask a customer what they first notice when they walk in, and it would probably have something to do with a brass detail in the room.

Simply put, brass is glamorous and easy to use, especially when you utilize round or square brass tubing that can be easily transformed into both fixtures and pieces of modern art. To give you some inspiration, here are some architectural uses for brass that never fails.

Commercial Space Inspiration

Decorative Cladding

Sure, an elevator with a great view already makes quite a statement on its own. Oftentimes, however, the safety screen and lift facade simply looks too plain. This is a problem especially when your client wants to make it one of the focal points of the space.

To solve this, you can use brass tube to serve as a decorative cladding on the columns that help secure the elevator. You can also line the safety screen and facade with the brass to round up the theme.

Shiny Handrails And Balustrades

Forget wood or dark metal. In a commercial space, your handrails and balustrades need to make a statement, too. You can easily do this by integrating brass handrails on your staircases. If you’d like, you can also line your escalator handrails with brass for a more elegant touch.

Room Divider

If you want to create a trendy retail space for your client, consider using slender brass rods in order to create a sculptural detail to divide the room into various sections. Combine these to fashion geometric volumes that help provide definition to a stores’ interior. It may even attract people passing outside to stop and look.

Brass has a number of ingenious uses for any space that you may be creating. It’s aesthetically pleasing and very easy to polish up. Indeed, when you want your space to evoke elegance and style, all you really need to do is turn to brass.


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