Restaurant Design Ideas Fit for Brass Sheet Metal and Brass Extrusions

Interior design at the moment is all about the brass. After all, it glitters. It stands out. It has one of the warmest aesthetics. All of these qualities make brass an ideal metal for decor, especially when it comes to commercial spaces, such as restaurants.

Today, interior designers are gravitating toward the warmer tones of brass instead of the usual rosy-metallic hue. At the same time, brass is a timeless kind of metal. It provides an elegant detail to any space. This is especially true when it comes to a restaurant’s dining room.

There are so many ways that designers can utilize brass sheet metal and brass extrusions to create interior details that stand out from the moment a diner enters.

Restaurant Design Ideas Fit for Brass

Brass Lines

There is no written rule that brass must be restricted to a counter. In fact, you can use brass to line a restaurant’s floor and make the dining experience a lot more interesting. Also apply brass strips that run along the floor to give the dining room or lounge a slightly edgy feel.

Don’t just stop there. You can choose to perpetuate the brass theme by applying strips along the walls, guiding diners to particular parts of the restaurant or lounge. To tie everything in, you can also create brass veins to adorn tables and seating areas.

Brass On Lamps And Footstools

You won’t have to surround the entire dining scene with brass just to make a bold statement. Sometimes, a touch of brass detail is all you need. In the case of casual cafes or diners, you can opt for brass lamps to wax nostalgia. For the dining area counter seating, accentuate it with brass footstools to invoke an elegant atmosphere.

Brass Bar

Brass accents on a bar counter can make the lounge shine, especially when serving patrons in the evening. But, don’t stop at the counter. You can fashion the entire expanse of the bar itself in brass to maintain a soft glow. At the same time, fashion your beer taps from brass.

Perhaps brass is the metal of the moment because it’s just as striking as gold. It suggests opulence and encourages indulgence. Come to think of it, these are exactly the impressions fitting of fine cuisine and creative libations.


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