Copper and Brass Sales: A Look at their Purposes in Various Industries

The introduction of the use of metals like copper and brass has become a turning point in the development of the world as it is today. In almost every facet of life, these metals have played vital roles, and to date, even better uses for them are constantly being discovered. Below are some of the functions of copper and brass, and how they have helped improve the quality of life for many.

Technology for Renewable Energy

Because more applications are being found, there is a noted increase in the trends for copper & brass sales around the world. For one, copper’s excellent electrical properties have made it a vital component in wires and circuits of photovoltaic cells in solar panels. In the field exploring wind energy, these metals are also used in the coils, generators, cables, and other parts that need to withstand high temperatures.

Copper and Brass

Transportation and Infrastructure

For centuries, copper and its alloys have been used in building boats, because of their proven resistance to wear and tear against marine environments. To date, specific alloys of copper are still integral in the hulls of ships, as well as other structures that are meant to be exposed to saltwater. In terms of architecture and engineering, copper has become an essential material for pipes, plumbing fixtures, as well as gutters for homes, because it can be very resistant to corrosion caused by the elements.

Finding a Niche in Interior Design

Suppliers who offer copper and brass sales are often approached by clients who want to level up their artwork or designs. Sources say that aside from gold, only copper and its alloys exude that rich unique color that adds beauty and value to anything it adorns. Artists use these metals for their sculptures, as tiles on their mosaics, and even accents for lamps, shelves, and furniture parts.

Medical Impacts

Aside from beautifying living rooms and kitchens, copper and brass exhibit unique properties that can actually improve the health of the people in your home. Copper has been studied to be highly effective in fighting the growth of viruses and bacteria, making it ideal for use on tabletops or countertops that require food preparation. In some research papers, brass door knobs and cabinet handles have also shown to be more antimicrobial compared to stainless steel surfaces.

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