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One can always find design inspirations when using copper, bronze, or brass. These versatile metals have been around for centuries, forming the backbone of many industries. To date, these materials are used in renewable energy, laboratory and farming technology, and more. Whatever shape or size these metals come in, they are there to further improve the quality of life for all.

Copper Sheets

Sheet metal suppliers offer copper in a wide range of gauges or thicknesses. Most of these sheets are made of 99.9% copper, and they are also identified by their international standard name as Alloy C110. Copper in this form is easy to form and bend into any shape, and it is ideal for kitchen design elements like countertops and backsplashes. Copper sheets are also used in making tiles, different kinds of cookware, as well as gutters. Because this metal is an excellent conductor, it is often cut to size to be components of electric circuits and more.

Sheet Metal

Bronze Sheets

Recognized to be tough and highly resistant to corrosion, bronze sheets are composed of varying percentages of copper and zinc, with traces of tin and other metals. You can purchase either Alloy C220, or Gilding metal, which is made of 90% copper and 10% zinc. This alloy is added to windows, doors, and gates as decorative accents. Another type of bronze sheet metal that you can find is Alloy C280, or Muntz Metal, which has 60% copper and 40% zinc. Muntz is widely used for boat building as it can withstand the damage brought by saltwater exposure.

Brass Sheets

As another alloy of copper, brass contains the metal plus varying amounts of zinc, tin, and even iron or lead. These brass sheets are available as cartridge brass, or Alloy C260; leaded brass, or Ally C353; as well as Naval brass, or Alloy C464. With a bright gold sheen, these types of metal or added as details or accents to appliances and furniture. They are also used in kitchen countertops, cabinet handles, door knobs, and more.

Other Forms

Aside from getting your metals in sheets, you may also ask your supplier if they have square metal tubing available. Metal tubes, whether they are square, hexagonal, or round, may also be employed in various design elements like grillwork, windows, doors, as well as industrial projects and plumbing. Rods and bars may also be purchased, and you can specify the diameter and length you need.

Whatever type, size, and shape of metal you require, be sure you are talking to a trusted metal supplier who has had years of experience in the industry. If there is a hard-to-find dimension of copper, brass, or bronze that you’re looking for, they can surely help you find it.

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