Copper Sheet Supplier Discusses the Use of Copper in Facade Cladding

Copper is one of the earliest metals to be extracted and used by humankind. While it was originally used to create tools, coins, and other pragmatic items, it wasn’t long before our ancestors discovered that copper was an ideal material for artistic expression as well. For instance, ancient Mesopotamians used this metal to create detailed figurines depicting daily life.

Currently, copper finds itself at the intersection of art and utility, often employed to stunning effect in many impressive buildings around the world. More specifically, architectural firms are using copper for exterior cladding, often made from copper sheets. Any leading copper sheet supplier would explain that this alloy can weather the elements in stride, developing an attractive patina over the years and further proving its worth as a cladding material.

copper facade cladding

In fact, many popular and renowned buildings around the world apply copper cladding in the most impressive and innovative fashion.

Museum of Fire – Żory, Poland

When the firm OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci was given the assignment to design this museum, it looked no further than the city’s name for inspiration. Żory means “fire” in Polish, which is why the structure is designed to look like a dancing flame. Three walls were completely clad in copper plates to achieve its stunning look.

Seinäjoki City Library – Seinäjoki, Finland

This building was designed by Finland-based JKMM Architects to serve as the city’s cultural and administrative center. The copper shingles of the facade offer an appealing contrast to the stark, white exteriors of the surrounding buildings.

Public Middle School – Labarthe-sur-Lèze, France

This school doesn’t just seek to teach kids math and science, it also aims to teach them a lesson in environmental sustainability. Its facade features two axes that are made of copper and glass. The brown copper merges naturally with the land and its surface becomes more interesting through patination resulting from weather exposure.

Penn State School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture – Pennsylvania

Copper doesn’t just come in shades of brown—it can also come in eye-catching green. And this building isn’t just green in color, it’s also environmentally friendly, using 95% recycled copper for the facade.

To create the most striking copper cladding, however, one must use excellent copper in the first place. When considering where to buy copper sheets, be sure to transact only with trusted suppliers. Established companies offer a wide range of high-quality sheets applicable to any project.

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