Top Reasons Why Brass Tube Is Ideal for Making Musical Instruments

Is music really in the human DNA? Judging from mankind’s universal love of music, this may very well be true. Ancient history seems to confirm this hypothesis as well: In 2012, scientists found a flute-like instrument made of bird bones believed to be around 42,000 years old.

Of course, as civilizations advance, so too does the material used for instruments. For instance, many manufacturers create brass instruments for use in bands. While brass is hardly the only metal used for instrument production, this alloy features distinct qualities suited for the job, according to top manufactures of brass tube products.

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A Unique Sound

As an alloy, brass is the product of mixing zinc with copper. As it turns out, the end-product really is more than the sum of its parts. For example, an instrument of pure copper would produce a “dead” sound and lack flash. Brass, on the other hand, possesses rich tones and sound that its parent metal cannot approach, which is why many musicians swear by brass instruments.


Trombones, trumpets, and French horns are made of uniquely shaped and complex parts. Therefore, the material used in their production must be malleable to meet required shapes and sizes. Luckily, brass is one of the most malleable alloys on the market, therefore allowing instrument makers to customize an instrument to the sound it emanates.


Likewise, wind instruments host many constantly moving parts during performances, requiring resilience to extreme use. Being an alloy, brass is a fortified metal, enduring music’s demanding rigors. Moreover, this sturdy metal makes instruments less prone to dings, which is a real threat to traveling bands flying across the globe.


With the popularity of ThrowbackThursdays, everything old is new again. Indeed, the nostalgia of brass instruments make it more attractive than ever. After all, brass instruments have been in production since the early 1900s. And, brass bands were the rave in the ’30s and ’40s. Playing a brass instrument truly is taking part in a rich musical heritage.

That said, the quality of an instrument is directly tied to the quality of the brass from which it’s made. Those looking to use this alloy in instrument manufacture are advised to source their brass from trusted suppliers offering a range of products, such as brass square tube segments and sheets.

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