Using Brass Sheet Metal and Channels to Create Warm, Modern Interiors

There’s no denying that a minimalist aesthetic is again in vogue. Just take a look at the furniture from IKEA or the latest Apple handsets—cut with sleek lines rendered in silver or other metallic colors. Not surprisingly, this same style is often employed by interior designers for their clients’ homes.

However, a minimalist design often comes with a hint of coldness—probably the last thing a person wants for their home. Luckily, interior designers can create that cutting-edge look without the sterile feel, thanks to a certain alloy: brass.

A Quick Look at Brass

Brass is an alloy made from combining various amounts of copper with zinc. This results in a beautiful new metal that sports a lustrous, golden color that reams of class and opulence. The alloy also possesses excellent malleability, allowing it to be flattened into thin brass sheet metal. But how exactly can brass be used for interior design?

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Lighting Fixtures

The right lighting can fill any room with atmosphere. That said, the lighting installed should be just as impressive as the mood it evokes. Lighting in many homes now sport pendant-like fixtures of brass that provide a sophisticated look while conveying warmth. Interior designers can deploy them over countertops or dining tables.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows become extra glamorous with the help of brass. For instance, they can be installed with brass knobs and handles to add panache wherever they are located. Likewise, a window or door frame can be made of a custom-sized brass channel, so that they too become statement pieces in the home.

Bar Stools

More and more people are installing home bars these days and it’s not surprising why—a good drink after a long day is a well-deserved reward. When designing a home bar, stools are one of the most critical factors to the bar’s feel. Like minimalism, brass doesn’t really disappear as a style or trend, mostly because of its role as a complement to any room or design, especially in the case of bars.

Bed Frames

Wood is the most traditional material for bed frames, but as an organic material it isn’t immune to decay. If a designer is looking to recreate the romantic feel that wood offers but add the modern functionality of metal, brass is just the material needed.

Of course, the quality of brass plays a huge role in how beautiful a design becomes. Therefore, when looking to buy brass supplies, always look for trusted merchants for the best results.

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