Engraving and Standard Uses for Quality Brass Tubing: An Overview

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, has a longstanding reputation for being durable, yet also easily formed into a variety of commercial and industrial goods. Brass tubing, for instance, can be found in many buildings today. It also is used in factories and manufacturing plants around the world.

Brass Tube Purposes

Given its durability and other inherent qualities, brass is a popular alloy to use for tubing. This sort of tubing can be found in construction as well as plumbing. In particular, brass is used to manufacture pipes used in residential sinks, tubs, and drains. The alloy resists corrosion rather well, allowing it to remain functional without requiring a replacement for decades.

When it comes to plumbing, many companies resort to engraving brass tubes to display the manufacturer’s name and the size of the tubing. Plumbers can then use this information to select the parts and pipes they need to fix a customer’s residential or commercial plumbing issues. Along with engravings, most brass tubes have threaded endings to ensure an easier fit with standard plumbing equipment such as sealants and valves.

In addition to residential and commercial use, brass tubes are also found in food and beverage manufacturing plants. The ingredients for any food or drink product can travel through the tubing without being contaminated or influenced by the brass tube’s color or composition. Dairy manufacturers also often use brass tubes to carry milk from milking machines to bottling equipment. Throughout this process, milk does not pick up any color or flavor of the brass itself. The pipes stay cold and convey the milk quickly from one part of the dairy plant to the other until it is bottled and shipped out to stores.

Although it may last for many years, brass does need to be properly maintained to remain safe and viable. Only high-quality, mild detergents should be used to clean bass tubes and pipes. Brass fixtures should then be rinsed with clear, cool water. With proper maintenance, brass pipes can last for years and stay free of cracking, warping, buckling, or bursting. For quality brass products, you can turn to a reputable wholesale supplier such as Rotax Metals.


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