Excellent Deals on Copper & Brass Sales Make Metal Roofing Affordable

A copper roof is a durable and long-lasting option that adds elegance, flair, and value to any home. Copper comes with all of the advantages of other metal roofing materials and some distinct qualities that set it apart from common roofing options such as steel and aluminum.

Although copper is more expensive than other metal roofing options, excellent deals in copper and brass sales can make this material an affordable option for homeowners who are after style and high resale value. Since copper is durable and long lasting, it is a worthwhile investment.

Copper is highly resistant to fire damage and wind damage. This can make it superior to most other products in stormy areas. Its high resistance to salt water corrosion also makes it ideal for coastal homes. Homes in forested areas, meanwhile, can benefit from its near immunity to fire damage.

The Longevity and Style of Copper

Copper is beautiful and distinctive at all stages of its life. When freshly installed, copper shingles are vibrant and shiny. Unlike other metals such as steel, copper does not rust or corrode when exposed to water. It is also not weakened by scratches, a common reason for failure in galvanized steel.
As copper ages, its appearance becomes even more distinct and develops a personality unique from any other material. In particular, copper slowly takes on a greenish or reddish gold tinge. This means that instead of wearing out and appearing broken and corroded, copper only gets better with time. Whereas other metal roofing designs often fit only modern building styles, a copper roof can be added to almost any type of building design.

In terms of maintenance and durability, copper is one of the highest ranked of all materials. It requires almost no maintenance except for the occasional cleaning and inspection that should be done on all roofs. Although the upfront costs of copper may be higher than many other options, it is ultimately an excellent value roofing material when maintenance and replacement costs are considered. Since copper is also highly salvageable and tends to see increasing value, it contributes to future copper & brass sales. When it does come time to replace the roof, it may actually generate some money in recycling rather than simply adding extra disposal costs.


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