Engraving Brass: An Effective and Economical Way to Make an Impact

As people say, a business without a sign is a sign of no business. Simply put, customers can patronize a business they don’t know about. Thus, how you announce your business’s presence is of utmost importance in attracting customers. And for your money, there are few materials that offer the same impact and budget-friendly price that high-quality engraving brass.

Why Brass?

Brass is a metal alloy produced by the combination of copper and zinc. This union creates a metal that has a lustrous golden sheen that lends a sophisticated look to any business establishment. If you want to add prestige to your storefront without hurting your bottom line, an engraved brass sign or plaque might just be what you need.

engraving brass

That being said, brass is not a one-trick pony–there are many variants of this golden-hued alloy to choose from. For instance, there are lacquer-colored brass that has a clear coating which allows the golden sheen to really come through. If you’re going for a more discreet, low-key look, you can use satin-finished brass instead.

There are also many techniques with which to engrave brass, such as rotary engraving or burnishing. Furthermore, brass plates come in a wide variety of sizes, so no matter how big or small your desired signage may be, you can get the perfect size for it.

Not Just for Signage

There’s no doubt that an engraved brass sign adds a deluxe touch to your shop, but why limit this to your storefront? There are many ways to use brass in your business to achieve a sophisticated feel throughout your retail space.

To begin with, your employees can don brass nameplates, which communicate competence and excellent care to your customers. You can also place engraved nameplates on office doors, especially those of VIPs or executives. Likewise, brass plates can also be used as to designate the sections of your business, i.e. labels identifying where the dressing room, lounge, or washroom.

Indeed, these little touches say that your business pays attention to details, and thus bode well on the quality of products or services your customers can expect from it.

Source Matters

Of course, your brass signage will only be as good as the metal it’s made of. As such, be sure to transact only with trusted brass suppliers like Rotax Metals. These suppliers have a long history of excellence and have the capability to mass manufacture brass materials in custom sizes. Furthermore, they also supply brass tubing, angles, and extrusions should you also want to add these touches to your retail space.

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