Engraving Brass: Effective and Helpful Tips for Beginner Hobbyists

Perhaps you’re looking to expand your skillset and would like to have a new hobby. If you’re the type who likes sketching or doodling, and are open to trying out a new medium, why not try your hand at engraving brass?

There are plenty of possibilities that you can maximize and take advantage of with this technique, particularly because it’s easily applicable for a variety of items. From decorative pieces and accents to custom jewelry, you can incorporate this element of engraved brass.

It may need some practice, though, so here are some helpful tips that could serve you well once you enter into the craftsy world of brass engraving.

Brass Engraving

Preparing to Engrave

Although the process is similar to simply doodling or sketching on paper, it’s still not going to be as easy because of the material you will be working with. Engraving on brass is not like working on a canvas or paper where you can erase or start over. Here, you’ll need to be very deliberate with your actions so you don’t end up messing the design and wasting material.

A good tip is for you to prepare a stencil, pattern, or print out of the marking that you would like to engrave on the metal. This will serve as your guide and outline. You will also, of course, need an engraving tool to complete the task.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s going to take some practice on your part for you to get the hang of using the tool. Especially for items that are small, like a pendant or ring, for example, you’ll need to make sure to have a steady hand so you don’t accidentally go past your outline.

Dust off the material you are working every once in awhile so you can also have a clearer look at where you are already in your work. Never rush your pace; the faster you go, the more prone you are to making errors, especially if you’re just getting used to the engraving tool.

Of course, having a good quality brass material to work with is going to be central to the success of your project. Make sure to get your supply from reputable and trusted suppliers, like Rotax Metals, whether it be for brass sheets, brass tubing, or any other type of metal.


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