Expect Hike in Brass Sales after Interior Design Industry’s Forecast

If you’re looking for the one missing piece to raise the bar of trendy and nouveau, cast your eyes upon brass when trying to satisfy your client’s appetite for panache. Then aim your sights at brass sales near you. Yes, the metallic trend is back yet again, and leading the pack is good ol’ brass.

Perhaps it’s the ease of effort required to make the alloy pop with color and to transform a previously mundane room. Whether the brass accent is slightly muted or unrestrained, it delivers instant elegance and sophistication to most any design. Try some of the following ideas for incorporating brass into your project.

Brass Interior Design

For the Kitchen

Backsplashes need not remain captive to the typical marble or granite tile compositions. Brass components add pizzazz and integrity to a kitchen simultaneously. Indeed don’t spare any boldness by lining up the entire backsplash with the unique sheen of brass tiles.

If you’d rather maintain an understated brass presence, line your cabinets with brass trims for noticeable yet discretionary accents. Brass elegantly partners with other materials, such as marble. Countertop edges, drawer handles, as well as door knobs of brass, tie particular themes or moods together quite nicely throughout a kitchen.

For the Bathroom

Bath fixtures and even showerheads benefit from brass accents. Before preoccupying yourself with worries about the patina tendency of brass, note that this natural attrition of the alloy’s initial hues actually holds value as an aesthetic, especially in the case of reselling a home. Meanwhile, its transformation in color adds texture and character to a bathroom.

For Room Accents

Brass especially lends itself to otherwise common materials used for furniture, lamps and lights, among other fixtures and furnishings. From vases, to candleholders, to coat and hat racks, to even bookshelves, brass elevates a room’s opulence and grandiose.

Brass figures and other decorative items also work as centerpieces for an otherwise sparse tabletop or mantle. Picture frames and mirror frames can also feature brass.

Fortunately, brass is easily available from various suppliers, such as Rotax Metals. These companies also stock different kinds of bass products, from brass squares or tubes to even naval brass. Know beforehand how you would like to use brass in your project design to expedite your search for the correct size and type.


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