Five of the Most Popular Everyday Applications of Brass Tube Products

For thousands of years, brass has been the preferred material for artisans of all stripes. It’s durable, malleable, and corrosion-resistant all at the same time. Tubing is an especially easy way to leverage the material and its benefits. Here are a few killer applications for round or square brass tubing.


Lighting Fixtures & Conduits

Brass is pretty much the metal of choice when it comes to lighting hardware that’s made to order. Everything from chandeliers to sconces can be quickly configured using brass tubing and sheets. Brass fixtures are more popular than ever as home and business owners embrace its timeless charm.

Furniture Frames and Accents

If you’d like to add flare to quality wood, brass is the way to go. Square brass tubing makes it easy to accent things like sofas, chairs, and beds without exerting a lot of effort. It can even be used as the backbone of bookcases and cabinets.

Custom Home Decorations

Bespoke art pieces are the easiest way to differentiate one living room from the next. That’s why artists love working with tubes of brass. They can be crafted into avant-garde curios or used in utility pieces like clocks and sliding storage compartments. Brass tubes can also be hammered into useful latches and handles with a little effort.

Stairways, Railings and Grills

If major structural integrity isn’t an issue, brass is a great way to lay out some lines. Railings are a perfect example. Whether it’s vertical members, top rails or decorative grill work, brass tube is wonderful since it can be used outside in any weather.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

A good sign can last for years if you pick the constituent materials wisely. Brass is a great choice for everything from outside business signs to inside stanchions for crowded events. Brass tubing can even be used for intricate inlay work on sign lettering.

The Last Word on Brass

Ultimately, brass isn’t just for nuts, bolts, and industrial fittings. It can be used in numerous different ways to make ordinary parts extraordinary. Once you’ve found a great brass tubing dealer to work with, the sky is the limit.

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