Where to Buy Copper Sheets that Can Transform Your Home Inside and Out

Copper sheet can be made into a vast array of products, including roofing, wall treatment, downspouts, gutters, and furniture cladding. It offers many striking architectural applications inside buildings as well. Its anti-bacterial property has made it a perfect metal for pipes that deliver drinking water inside buildings.


The use of copper sheet as a roofing material is visible in the gorgeous copper domes found on churches, mosques and other structures all over the globe. Copper is the perfect metal component if the area to cover is curve o irregularly shaped. Any copper sheet supplier can attest to the ceaseless growth of copper demand mainly due to its high functionality.

The dome replacement on the Kansas Statehouse also used copper, covering its batten seams, standing seams, and flat seam roofing needs. This beautiful restoration won the 2015 Copper in Architecture Award. The Buffalo Pierce-Arrow Museum in Buffalo New York features a copper roof replacement using four hundred forty individual pieces of sixteen ounce copper, machined and joined to fit to construct a Filling Station.

Copper offers a timeless beauty inside and out. The unique and lovely weathering patterns of copper can be allowed to develop over time, creating a one of a kind finish. If you want to achieve the bright, reflective quality of copper, it can be polished and clear coated to produce and preserve a brilliant sheen. Copper can be etched or chemically treated to alter the look of the sheet metal as well. Furthermore, this metal is an excellent substrate for paint, and can be gilded with gold for a brighter luster.

Copper sheet can be formed via pressure and can be stretched to cover counter tops, or as a shallow sink basin. Copper is also easy to machine and can be seamed into unique shapes for lighting fixtures.

No matter the extent of your copper application, you should know where to buy copper sheets that exceed other metal products. This unique material is long lasting and will require careful handling from selection to installation, including any finishing treatment or chemical etching necessary. Choose a supplier that has been delivering the highest quality products into the market for many years.



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