Increasing Copper and Brass Sales Contribute to Rising Global Prices

The booming industrial demand for some metals have triggered a price inflation that, although slow, is not expected to halt anytime soon. Metal manufacturers, big and small alike, have experienced growth in copper and brass sales over the last decade. Even scrap metal prices for these metals have risen so significantly.


While the increase in demand is considered the main trigger of this price upsurge, it’s what triggers the increase in demand that is really interesting to find out. Here are some of the most apparent drivers of metal price increase.

Historically Linked

Indeed, for thousands of years, people around the world appreciated the great utility of copper. This attractive reddish-orange metal rose significantly in value after scientists discovered a few hundred years ago that copper conducts electricity better than practically any other known metal except silver. Light in weight and easily shaped and molded, copper today figures prominently in everything from high quality water pipes to wires to cook ware to jewelry.

Ancient Romans discovered brass by mixing copper with zinc. Brass gained widespread popularity in keys, locking mechanisms, door handles, plumbing fixtures and household furnishings. Since copper remains one of the essential ingredients in brass, the prices of the two metals tend to rise and fall together.

Useful, Beautiful Copper and Brass

Today, both industrial manufacturers and jewelers require these in-demand metals. The incredible utility of copper in particular has generated many uses for it in electronic assemblies. As computerized and automated products gain popularity in the future, the need for high grade copper products will probably remain strong.

Yet much of the appeal of copper and brass lies in the beauty of these two metals, not simply their perceived utility alone. For instance, market demand pushing rising copper & brass sales also contributes to interest in excellent wires and decorative copper and bronze trinkets used by artisans creating hand crafted jewelry. People who enjoy working with glass crafts, such as designers producing glass beads and colored glass windows, also rely extensively upon copper and brass products.

Obtaining These Metals

Many purchasers seeking copper and brass for fabrication purposes rely on top metal suppliers. There are many ways to determine if a metal supplier is reliable, especially in meeting specific demands. If you are looking for a supplier of copper and brass, they must have a vast selection of copper and brass grades available.

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