Going to a Company Doing Brass Sales to Acquire Bar Foot Rail Tubes

When a contractor is tasked to remodel a small physical space into a bar, extensive ideas in bar design come into play and every feature you can think of can be included. Foot rails are often taken into the equation, given the height and size of the bar top itself. Getting the brass materials you need, though, can be done through brass sales specialists such as Rotax Metals.

Going to a Company Doing Brass Sales to Acquire Bar Foot Rail Tubes

Parts Sourcing

Foot bar rails consist of the attachment brackets, the long tubes and the end caps. The tubes you can find at your brass supplier will normally come in lengths of 144 inches or 12 feet. The diameters and thicknesses for each piping product also differ, while the thickness and the material should also enable the piping to withstand wear and tear and the weight of the patrons’ feet even if they are lightly stepping on the railing.

Even in the field of brass, you can choose between either brushed or polished brass.


Part of the bar construction process includes measuring the overall length of the tubing you need. Consulting the layout of the bar will help assess whether you can use a whole stretch of tube to comprise one section of railing. You will also need to account for the size of any elbow joints in determining the overall length of each side, but consider cutting off any excess part of the tubing and using them for the shorter adjoining sections of the railing.

Braced Up

The brackets to be set up must be of a slightly larger diameter than the tube but still a tight fit for them. As for intervals, plan ahead so that the brackets will be on both ends of the tube just before the elbow joint and one in the middle of the tube. The brackets must have their own legs on the floor while being fastened to the main bar structure.


The metalwork doesn’t end when the rail has been set up. A company like Rotax Metals can be counted upon for Muntz metal sheets that can be fashioned into special signs for the bar.

Creature comforts combined with good food and drink can make a lasting combination. As long as the patrons at the bar have something to step on, you can amp up the experience for them.


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