When Engraving Brass Plaques with Laser Beams is a Workable Solution

Plaques are common gifts at any testimonial event or official unveiling. Such items help honor the person of the hour or a milestone. Creating one in the first place, however, can entail using some special techniques, such as laser devices to make the desired labelling on the plaque, which may be made of engraved brass.

brass tubing

In an article for the Engravers Journal, writer Jennifer McCready said the addition of brass as an engraving material can break the monotony of using a certain type of material time and again. It’s even better if you source the base material from a company like Rotax Metals, Inc,

Breaking Through

Carbon-dioxide lasers are the primary tools used for specially engraving brass sheets. The reflective nature of brass in general, however, reflects the light energy away from the surface into other directions, possibly including back into the laser. This often will need applying a special coating over the surface and using the laser beam to make the desired imagery or lettering; the markings are made as the coating is seared away.


Choosing brass plaque materials can work if you know what your customers need. Generally, brass sheets are offered in either bright or satin finishing and as a lacquer-coat or enamel-coat. Enamel-coated brass may work if you are looking for a sharp contrast in the plaque, such as a text inscription with paint.

Your preferred brass supplier will have sheets measuring two feet by eight feet with the thickness starting at 0.250”. They may be either the Alloy 353 or Alloy 464 Naval Brass, which is engineered to withstand corrosion.

Standing Up

Some plaques may have small models or other representative items atop them but cannot be held onto the base by any adhesive. Making the item stand out can require setting up the base with brass tubing, but the base end must be sufficiently anchored.

Nothing can make a person prouder than receiving something that speaks of or honors their achievements in an organization. A company such as Rotax Metals will set you up with the right materials to make a custom plaque. Make your inquiry today.


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