Noted Brooklyn Artisan Sources Bronze Bars for Decor from Rotax Metals

Noted Brooklyn Artisan Sources Bronze Bars for Decor from Rotax Metals

Brooklyn, New York (July 27, 2015) — Rotax Metals, one of the country’s leading suppliers of bronze bars and extrusions, is proud to announce that the works of its customer, Vallessa Monk, have been recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The 48-year old Brooklyn-based metal sculptor was discovered for her unique furniture designs. With tools for bending, hammering, and texturing, Ms. Monk creates bespoke and elegant window grilles, tables, planters, stairs, banister and other furnishings out of steel and bronze sourced from our very own inventory.

“For AKA’s Central Park and Sutton Place properties, Ms. Monk used her signature technique of giving steel surfaces a dramatic patina by applying chemicals either cold by hand-held cloth, or hot via a torch to make ‘the color blossom’”, the Wall Street Journal article noted. AKA is a collection of luxury extended-stay residences and condominiums with properties in different states. Ms. Monk designed a $14,000 bronze I-beam table with solid walnut top for AKA’s president Larry Korman. Other notable creations include a cast-bronze coffee table with a hand-forged top for Athena Calderone, interior designer and blogger.

Most of Ms. Monk’s pieces are based on nature, featuring vines, leaves, blossoms, butterflies, and other organic motifs. Homeowners especially love her Moroccan window grilles, a more elaborate substitute to burglar bars. The Texas-grown artist made her first metal sculpture at age 10 for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition. She has since then sustained her passion for metalwork, trained under master carvers in Europe, and earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1996. Her studio is currently based in Williamsburg.

Since 1948, Rotax Metals has been providing high quality metals to gifted artisans like Vallessa Monk. The company specifically supplies copper, brass and bronze sheets, coil, plates, tubes, and other similar items to a vast range of industries including, but not limited to, furniture manufacturing, industrial arts, architectural design, metal fabrication, roofing, jewelry, decorative and display fixtures, marine repair and supply, and musical instruments.

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