How Furniture Makers Are Using Brass Square Tube for Beautiful Modern Pieces

Since 2016, brass has been making waves as furniture manufacturers turn to this alloy for new, exciting pieces. One of the most prominently used nowadays is brass square tube as it can fit diverse architectural home styles, from traditional to modern houses. For ideas, here are three different furniture categories with brass square tube elements.

Tables and Chairs

Due to the durability and corrosion resistant properties of brass, it is popular in manufacturing tables and chairs. Several designers are melding wood and brass together. The main frames have brass square tube, while the seats and back rests are composed of oak, walnut, or other kinds of wood that will fit the general interior design of a home. Tabletops can also have brass tubes for legs and can be charred black and then polished for added personality. Brass tubes can be welded to glass for tables in the living room too. They are perfect for offices that want a touch of gold for a classic, professional look.

How Furniture Makers Utilize the Lasting Beauty of Brass Square Tube

Some designers like that brass is perfect for geometric pieces that use brass only as well as brass elements for wood or glass furniture. They find the idea of painstakingly working on the surface of brass until it creates something unique very appealing. Each table and chair can be dramatically different with light and reflections playing on them.

Bed Rails

Bed rails can be made using brass square tube as well. The geometric pattern can be turned into the rails for a classic or modern look, depending on the style of the bedroom. Brass can be shaped into different forms as well as etched or stamped on. You can age brass to get an uneven patina look by removing the coating first using a stripping chemical. Afterwards, brush the brass tubes with fine steel wool to eliminate remaining coating. Observe it closely. When it gets a paler tone, it means all lacquer is removed. Then, apply a darkening solution. You can remove incorrect shades with a steel wool and apply once more. However, if you prefer the classic golden brass look, you can buy new brass square tube as well to produce shiny bed frames.

Lighting Fixtures

Furniture makers like to use brass for lighting fixtures because of its machinability and corrosion resistance. Brass does not spark too which makes lighting systems less prone to fires. In fact, brass is great for outdoor and landscape lighting. Brass lighting is perfect for coastal environments where it can last very long and look great as it ages.

Brass lighting can be attached to walls or the ceiling with spherical bulbs inside metal cones. Other lamps use brass rods to exhibit the shape of plants and musical instruments. Likewise, some brass square tube lamps mimic popular buildings or infrastructures all over the world.

Dramatic lighting can be achieved through fixtures with brass tubes. New lighting designs can be made by using wall-mounted lamps that have brass steel frames. Chandeliers can also be formed with brass square tube and result in diverse configurations as well as optical illusions.

Lighting appliances can become instant art pieces. Designs following zig-zag patterns, such as what other lighting studios did this year, look modern and practical at the same time since diverse light sources can be turned to different directions. Placed in the living room, some bulbs can face the TV while others can focus on those reading books at the corner.

Brass is back, and many say it’s for good. It can serve as a beautiful frame for many appliances and can be combined with wood, glass, and steel materials. To get genuine brass and brass square tube with the dimensions you need, find a reliable metals supplier who have a well-stocked inventory and a solid track record for customer satisfaction.


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