Tips on How to Effectively Age Brass Tube for Furniture Makers and Designers

Many customers love brass that has a patina finish because it gives their home a unique, rich character. If you want to quickly achieve the classic patina look for brass, do it properly to get the best results. Furniture makers and designers can make brass look like an antique rapidly in different ways instead of waiting for time to work on it. You can age brass either through natural means or patina chemicals. Brass tube can be tricky to “distress.” Here are tips on how to achieve the patina of age for brass tubes.

Acetone and Vinegar

To distress brass naturally, you can use acetone and vinegar instead of the usual patina-inducing chemicals. First, soak a fine nylon scrubber pad in acetone and use this to scrub the brass. If you want to scratch your brass more, use coarse steel wool instead of a nylon scrubber. Acetone will remove the lacquer finish and clean the brass tube without harming unsealed ones. After eliminating all traces of lacquer (brass with lacquer finishing looks shinier compared to unfinished areas), wash off the acetone with warm water that has some mild soap. Next, dry the brass tube with a clean towel.

Brass Tube From Shiny Gold to Distinct Patina for Furniture Makers

Once the brass is dry, soak the tube in a container filled with vinegar. Otherwise, if the piece is too long, soak several towels in vinegar. Drop the piece into the vinegar or soak it with vinegar-doused towels. Remember that if you desire a light aged look, it may take only a few minutes. If you want a very antique appearance, soak the brass for a few hours or overnight. Watch your brass closely to make sure you get the right aged texture. When satisfied with the color, take out the brass from the solution and wash off the vinegar with soapy water.

Ammonia Vapor

You can also make brass appear antique through ammonia. Choose a lid that can hold your brass tube then place a glass with ammonia inside it. Put the brass in the container but it should not touch the ammonia. Seal the container tightly and let the ammonia vapor age the brass. Monitor the tube and change the ammonia solution every day until you get the brass verdigris you desire.

Patina Chemicals

Chemical methods can be applied to age brass. You can mix Miracle Gro and Novacan black patina with water for a fast patina look. JAX patina chemicals work quickly as well but they have toxic chemicals so use them cautiously.

Age your brass tube properly and carefully through these methods. For them to work, however, make sure to use genuine brass only. Get your brass tube from wholesale metals suppliers with a wide inventory of different kinds of brass tubes and have a track record for quick delivery.


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