How You Can Create Memorable Giveaways By Engraving Brass For Clients

If you think about it, giveaways would look so much better if they were a little sparkly. After all, you want to create something that’s memorable, something with meaning that people won’t just give away. When you need to come up with interesting gifts, it’s best to turn to brass.

With the help of brass sheets, brass tubes and other brass profiles, you can create spectacular and unique giveaways, whether they are for a corporate or social event. Ideally, you want something that’s different from other giveaways visitors may have already received in the past. That’s exactly where engraving brass comes in.

Engraving Brass For Clients

A Simple Process

Engraving on brass is quite easy to do. First, you need to decide on the design or label that you are going to use for engraving and print that out onto a sticker paper or mailing label. Once that’s done, you can start tracing the lines of the image on the item you want to engrave using a metal engraver.

Depending on how complicated your design is, the whole process should not take long. Just remember to take your time though since it’s impossible to ‘erase’ your work once you have made an engraving mistake.

Not sure yet what items you want to engrave as giveaways? Here are some ideas that you can use for just about any occasion.


Brass plates are great for display, whether it’s in the office lobby, living room, or even the dining room. Depending on your client’s occasion, you can provide brass plates with intricately engraved details. You can also engrave your client’s name on it or their brand’s logo. 


When you are looking to create bracelets that are casual but stunning, you can simply attach a leather band to brass plate and engrave a nice intricate design on it. Not to mention, you can choose to engrave a name or a short message, too.

Insert Card

An insert card can go right into a wallet and can say just about any message your client wants to convey to their guests. It can be an inspirational message. It can serve as a calling card for a brand that’s marketing a new item. Either way, this card is unique and you can be sure that people won’t just mistake it for an ordinary card.

Consider these item suggestions if you want to start supplying your clients with personalized engraved brass souvenirs. These items tend to come out incredibly elegant that you’re sure recipients would hang onto it for years to come. Not to mention, you can expect clients to provide more referrals because of your unique sparkly giveaways.


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