This Is How You Make Your Interior Design Stand Out With Muntz Metal

If you want to make a statement in any building, you can never go wrong with muntz metal. Muntz metal has a unique shade, making it perfect to work in order to add elegant touches to any design. In fact, that’s exactly what architects and designers have been doing today.

When you’re a designer looking for an alloy able to give off a nice soft gold tone, Muntz is one metal you can depend on for inspiration. Muntz is sometimes known as yellow metal, which is a form of alpha-beta brass. It’s primarily composed of 60 percent copper and 40 percent zinc and is quite durable. This is exactly why muntz is being used to build machine parts that need to be corrosion resistant.

That said, brass sales nowadays are not only limited to the manufacturing industries. In fact, a number of architects and interior designers make fair use of brass in a number of design and facade details for various projects. Here are some that may inspire to utilize yellow metals as well during your next project.

Interior Design Stand Out With Muntz Metal


When you creating an entranceway to a hotel lobby or a huge tower where there’s high traffic everyday, you’ll want something that creates a statement. Surely, wooden or glass doors simply wouldn’t cut it. You need something that would give a feeling of luxury. Here, you can utilize Muntz metal to create a stunning doorframe that visitors would look forward to accessing day in and day out.


Let’s face it: a signage on a building is useless if no one would take notice of it. A signage made of Muntz metal readily stands out. Feel free to place it right by the entrance or inside the building as needed.

Elevator Cabs

The truth is that elevator cabs look quite dull and boring. How about doing something that would stun a visitor? You can line the interior with Muntz metal sheets for starters. Meanwhile, you can also create an intricate design with it.

Keep these design ideas in mind and see how Muntz metal can elevate your next design project. You can actually do a lot of things with this metal since it can be brazed, welded, and soldered together. It’s time to get more creative and push the boundaries of design. It’s time to incorporate Muntz metals in your projects.


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