Interior Design Trends for 2017 Seen to Further Drive Up Brass Sales

Brass accents have always been a welcome addition to interior design. Its rich color feature makes it an eye-catching touch to furnitures and fixtures without necessarily being overbearing. For 2017, industry analysts have forecast that this appreciation for brass in its various forms will continue to turn heads among designers and craftsmen alike.

Element Combinations

If you’re a designer who prefers mixing up elements to come up with a sophisticated style, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a lot more room to play around with materials this season. In particular, brass is being paired up with marble. It’s not necessarily a groundbreaking idea per se, as this is actually one of the more reliable classic combinations.

Detail of chandelier alight, golden

Analysts, however, think that there will be more of this pairing this year. It’s that mix of something very pristine and clean to the eyes, coupled with an industrial element such as brass, that will elevate the level of sophistication in a room.

This is something that would make a perfect fit in bathroom designs and fixtures. It may also be used in kitchens by using it to create borders for marble countertops and brass sheet backsplashes. That should give a nice dose of instant elegance to the layout.

Marble floors or stairs can also be accentuated with brass sheet linings, as well as other pieces of furniture.

Crafts and Light

The light-making industry is another one of those who will benefit a lot from brass sales this year. The resurgence of brass as a must-have material actually started back in 2016, but this time, it’s expected to further make waves in the crafts department.

Muntz metal, for example, is a good material to work with in crafting elegant designs for the light fixtures. Its yellow color can give that nice, soft glow effect when touched by light, which is going to look great for those who would prefer warmer tones in the room. It can also look great as an accent for those with more muted or plain colors.

These kinds of design will surely be in every home owner’s and designer’s must-have list for redecoration season. Manufacturers and craftsmen who create these fixtures may as well get in touch with their metal suppliers quickly.


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