Square Metal Tubing and Metal Sheets for Metal Furniture Manufacturers

Metal furniture is getting increasingly popular nowadays because of their unique, modern look. Metal furniture incorporates the use of at least one kind of metal, as well as other materials in the design. Many industrial furniture can be completely made of metal, too.

Those who buy industrial furniture are after their durable, easy-to-clean features. Customers also like their cool and chic look. If you’re a furniture maker and new to metal components, here are some tips to get you started.

Look Around the House

Look around your house for inspiration about furniture that can be made of metal. Two kinds of furniture that can be readily made of metal, wholly or partially, are tables and chairs. You can make dining tables and chairs fully out of medium-carbon steel, which is more affordable than high-carbon ones.

Chairs Waiting Room

Clients may want specific designs, which presents an opportunity to go out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but make sure that the end product is lightweight and safe enough for travel and movement inside buildings.

Another way of making industrial furniture is mixing wood with smooth steel, which produces a refreshing intertextual finish. If you want metal accents only, you can use square metal tubing for the sides of the living room table and put glass or wood in the middle. Bookshelves, light fixtures, and countertops can likewise have metal sheet or tubing accents for a stylish industrial and minimalist look.

Scan the Web

A quick search on Google can give you new, creative ideas. Nowadays, metal furniture can have different geometric forms, which produce a futuristic appeal. An example is a table with geometric-shaped steel legs which will look good in modernist-themed living rooms, as well as design classrooms.

Sheet metal can also be used to create origami armchairs. These beautiful, metallic chairs are ideal for lounge areas, creativity workshops, schools, restaurant verandas, and avant-garde interiors. Make it a habit to check the web regularly for design inspirations.

If you want to make beautiful, unique, and durable industrial furniture, you also need reliable sheet metal suppliers. These companies should be able to provide the right kind, size, and shape of metal at competitive prices, so you can offer affordable furniture to your clients too.

Having dependable suppliers, plus a market who appreciates trendy, sturdy industrial furniture, is a surefire way to join the metallic trend in the furniture industry.


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