Keep Up with Current Interior Design Trends with Copper & Brass Sales

Most homeowners would prefer to redesign their properties periodically. Welcoming the new year, for example, is one such occasion that calls for a reinvention in the home. It’s practically symbolic to having a fresh start, a recharging, an openness for new chances and opportunities.

For interior designers, this also means facing and overcoming new challenges, especially if their clients want a cost-efficient upgrade or improvement to their properties. Fortunately, there are ways to meet the clients’ briefs without breaking their bank or going over their budget unnecessarily.

How Copper & Brass Sales Can Help Make Home Renovations a Lot Easier

One of the foremost trends that experts are forecasting for the coming year is the resurgence of everything that is pretty and shiny—in short, metals. Not that interest in them ever went away, but for sure, there’s going to be a lot more demand for brass, copper, silver, and even gold in home interiors.

Subtle Elegance

What makes these materials a good choice is that they are unmistakably elegant but at the same time very subtle. Even just adding a little bit of them in a design element, such as a decor or fixture, can already improve its aesthetic value significantly.

Copper and brass in particular are very easy to utilize in various areas of the house, being a perfect fit even in kitchens and bathrooms. The great thing about them is that they are also very durable and sturdy, which is what you’d want to use in any design concept for your work precisely because it fits the cost-efficiency requirement by your client.


The other advantage of working with metals like brass and copper is that they are easy to find and source. In fact, you can enjoy bigger practical savings if you buy wholesale. Fortunately, there are reputable suppliers like Rotax Metals that do offer copper & brass sales to cater for all your metal supply needs.

It’s ideal to get in bulk too so that you won’t have to worry about having to repeat transactions, which can only delay the work. At least with your materials ready on hand, you can simply focus on completing your task without interruptions.

Apart from that, these metals do come in various shapes and sizes, from sheets to tubes, squares and bars, and more. You can put your creativity to good use with these different options, allowing you to come up with innovative and functional designs. This way, it also becomes possible for you to customize an item or a piece that you can present to your client—something that’s one of a kind and can only be found in their home. That’s personal service sure to impress even the toughest and most critical of clients.


You can incorporate brass and copper into many different items for your interior design. From handrails to banisters, kitchen backsplashes, picture frames, or even lighting fixtures, you can rest assured that they will blend in—or stand out—with the rest of the design components.

If your client has a bit bolder taste in design, you can even mix and match various elements to make the interior more stunning. Just make sure that the metals will be used in places where it can be easily maintained.

If you’d like to incorporate brass in the bathroom, for example, just make sure to note to your client its cleaning requirements so that the materials don’t lose the shine in their appearance. Those who’d like to use metal sheets as backsplashes should also be careful to not get it too close to heat sources because they can soften or get discolored.

The good thing is that inasmuch as these metals are easy to work with, they are also easy to keep and maintain. That’s also why it’s brass and copper are such an easy preference for interior design work.


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