Use Square Brass Tubing and Other Types to Improve Bathroom Design

Brass metal is so versatile that you can use it in just about any room in the house, whether as a light fixture element in the hallway, the handrail at the main foyer staircase, or even tapware and jointware in the kitchen. Aside from these rooms, the bathroom is another opportunity for you to flex your creative interior designer instincts that’s sure to impress even the most rigid clients.

Oftentimes, interior designers will get project briefs from clients asking to improve the level of sophistication in their bathroom, but with the condition that it must all be done within the set budget. This, of course, could prove to be quite the challenge for any designer. Fortunately, metal materials like square brass tubing and others are relatively affordable.

Improve Bathroom Designs with Square Brass Tubing and Other Metals

Curtain and Towel Rods

A simple but effective way to incorporate brass into your bathroom design is by using square brass tubes as curtain rods and towel rods. They’re constructed simply and attaches easily. The shininess of the brass metal is eye-catching enough, such that you can maximize the effect of long, visual lines in a tight space like the bathroom.

More importantly, these are sturdy enough to be able to handle the weight of shower curtains, including their hooks, and even wet towels. And even though it is going to be used in a moist environment like the bathroom, the patina that comes out later on only adds a more textured appeal to the brass metal.

Trims and Accents

If you want to keep it looking clean and only complementary to another design concept, you can still use brass as trims and accents. The countertop for the sink can use brass metal sheets to cover just the edges. Following this theme, you can have other items in the bathroom also trimmed with this material, such as the borders of the shelves, or even accents like the bathroom mirror.

Even if the brass detail is not front and center, its minor appearances in various different elements still make for a cohesive style.

Fixtures and Hardware

Much like in the kitchen, there is definitely a lot of room for brass in the bathroom, particularly with the fixtures. In fact, this is usually the first thing that comes to mind when clients seek to incorporate brass in their redesign. The usual worry, however, is that it’s going to be damaged by water and the constant presence of moisture.

The trick to maintaining a good quality brass fixture, however, is in its regular cleaning. Tarnish can certainly affect its aesthetic appeal, but it’s no cause for too much worry given some simple steps such as washing it with soap and water, and then scrubbing it with cloth.

Be mindful of the kind of cloth you use for scrubbing though, because harsh materials can end up scratching the brass metal. The same goes for the kind of soap you use; there are those that have really strong ingredients that can trigger a reaction from the metal. That’s why it’s much better to give it a good clean regularly so that the tarnish will not have the opportunity to set in, thus making a simple soap and water solution enough for its maintenance.

Also, you might as well tell your client to wear gloves when cleaning their brass fixtures because even fingerprints can leave stains.

For your bathroom design projects, it’s recommended that you get supplies only from trusted sources like Rotax Metals.


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