Know More about Rotax Metals: From Our Beginnings to Where We Are Now

Know More about Rotax Metals: From Our Beginnings to Where We Are Now

Here at Rotax Metals, we treat you, our customers, as friends. Thus, if you want to know more about us, we’re more than happy to tell you our story.

Like many businesses, Rotax Metals didn’t just sprout one day out of nowhere. It all started with our founder, Ronald Rosenthal. Just before the Second World War, Mr. Rosenthal emigrated to the United States from Germany. He entered the metals industry as a humble sweeper, cleaning up metal fillings and debris from the floors of a well-known distributor of copper and brass in New York City.

During his break periods, Mr. Rosenthal would dream about starting a brand-new company. This firm would focus on keeping its inventory well-stocked with enough metal of unusual sizes to fulfill a wide range of demands from customers. This idea has become the foundation of his efforts towards building a company. His unyielding perseverance and ambition proved most fruitful, as he successfully gained funding and the company he dreamed about became reality in 1947, carrying the name Rotax Metals.

Of course, this was just the beginning. Any starting business has a lot to prove in order to stand out from its competitors in the industry. Many new businesses close down a few years after they open. The copper and brass industry was not exactly new at the time, and Mr. Rosenthal knew that bigger names already exist in the playing field.

Mr. Rosenthal fully deployed his unique resources such as his capacity for in-depth analysis and attention to detail in the operation and continuous evolution of Rotax Metals. Through his leadership, the company went into the forefront of the industry as a trusted provider of top-quality products. Our firm also formed many of our customer and supplier relationships that still remain strong today. This commitment to excellence has helped us become a trusted name across many industries, including machine shops, architecture, furniture manufacturing, jewelry, and much more.

Rotax Metals was originally based on Spring Street in Manhattan. In 2005, we have consolidated all of our processes to a warehouse located in Brooklyn where we continue our operations to this day.

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