The Guidance of Our Operations: The Goals and Values of Rotax Metals

The Guidance of Our Operations: The Goals and Values of Rotax Metals

Here at Rotax Metals, we recognize that every purpose you will be using our products for is important. Whether you’ll supply them to your own customers or use them for projects, the material we provide must be of top quality.

We also acknowledge that, as consumers, you have to be careful with the distributor you choose. You research on your choices and try to know more about a company before making a transaction. That is good practice. Thus, we are more than glad to let you know more about us. Here, we will show you the principles that guide us in providing our services to you, our customers.

Rotax Metals Vision and Value Statement

Rotax Metals will be a premier metals distributor providing superior products in the most efficient and professional manner to customers through a value driven organization embracing the values of honesty, respect, hard work, and commitment.

We will be straightforward and honest with our customers and with each other.

We will fulfill orders and ship product within 24 hours.

We will establish and follow protocols and procedures that promote the 24-hour cycle.

We will pay close and constant attention to detail.

We will bring positive energy and thinking with us every day.

We will support each other in all that we do.

We will take responsibility for an error and learn from the mistake.

We will help others to learn from previous experiences.

Additionally, we value education, knowledge, and evolution of our people and organization in this dynamic business environment.

The Roots of Our Guidance

In his early days in the brass and copper industry, our founder Mr. Ronald Rosenthal swept the floors of a warehouse in New York City. While in this job, he witnessed how some consumers experienced difficulties in acquiring their needed materials, which usually happened when they need metals in unusual sizes that many distributors don’t have. In between shifts, he envisioned a company that will address these situations. In 1947, his vision turned into reality: Rotax Metals.

“Stock what the customers want, in the hard-to-find sizes that no one else carries.” This idea served as the foundation of how our company operates. In everything we do, we impart these values and goals to each other and to our customers.

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