Leading Bronze Bars Supplier Attends the 23rd Annual Wood Boat Show

Rotax Metals, a supplier of high-quality bronze bars and other industrial metals, attended the recently concluded 23rd Annual Wood Boat Show in Mystic, CT. As a leading brass, bronze, and copper supplier, we are very excited to continue working with wooden boat restorers and manufacturers. Our brass, bronze, and copper can be used in several phases of boat construction, including cleats, trim, hardware, rivets, and structural components.

These fixtures not only add beauty to a sea vessel, they bring interesting history as well. Until the mid-19th century, sailing was done mostly on official business: conquering new lands, transporting spices, or exploring trade routes, just to name a few. It wasn’t long, though, before people started sailing for leisure—and they wanted to do it in style.

As a result, many commercial foundries sprang up in the 1800s, creating exquisite marine hardware for vessels like yachts. Brass, in particular, was especially popular in those days for its ability to withstand corrosive seawater. Designers like Nathaniel Herreshoff also became celebrities in their own right after designing yachts for many wealthy clients and creating championship vessels.

Over the years, though, the marine hardware that adorned these ships have been lost to time. Thankfully, ship restorers no longer need to rummage through flea markets in the hope of finding these vintage pieces as there are now modern-day artisans that seek to recreate them using modern metallurgical techniques.

To produce items with the same superb craftsmanship as the originals, however, artists need the best metals available. Fortunately, Rotax Metals offers topnotch bronze sheets and other metals that artists need for their ship restoration projects. With our ample supplies and our ability to promptly ship orders across America and Canada, these craftsmen can turn to us for all their metal needs.

Since the beginning of time, man has longed to ply the seas and sailing remains one of the most popular recreational activities in the country. Rotax Metals is proud to help vintage vessels get a second life by providing restorers and artists the finest metals on the market. If you need our services, just call 1-718-272-9800 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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