Industries Expected to Raise Demand for Copper Sheet Supplier Products

Our industrialized civilization uses a lot of different materials to make it function properly. One of these vital components is copper. This particular metal is the backbone of the world’s power generation infrastructure, which makes it a valued product. The already large demand for it is expected to only increase with time. An example of this heightened need can be seen in the Copper Development Association’s recent press release about the solar industry’s future requirements:

Study Predicts

“Solar panels over large scale areas require installing miles of copper grounding and copper centric power cables,” Strong states. “By 2020, we estimate that 150 to 410 million lbs. of copper will be used in these systems.”

Both traditional and newer systems for producing solar energy use copper extensively. Thermal solar energy, which has been used for a years to generate electricity, is produced when sunlight is focused in a pressure vessel and moves to a boiler to generate steam. The steam powers a conventional turbine in three forms. In the past, traditional systems use copper in older generators, transformers and grounding systems; while now newer ones have added electrical and control systems needed for tracking drive motors, the usage of copper is still integral in newer systems which require copper grounding systems, she said.

Taking these projections into account, solar energy companies all over the world will need to get copper sheet supplier products from dependable providers such as Rotax Metals to keep their inventories well-stocked.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for copper usage, however. Because of its high conductivity, the metal is a preferred material for use in electronic devices. Copper is also used for construction purposes; many building materials such as corrosion-resistant roofing contain copper because of the metal’s malleable properties, its lightweight nature, and qualities such as low thermal movement and lightning protection.

Alloys of copper and many other metals are also popular products. Copper mixed with other elements result into alloys that have industrial and commercial uses as versatile as ball bearings, mechanical components, and ornamental pieces. For instance, durable bronze bars are the result of alloying copper, zinc and other elements such as tin; when shaped, these components are used in musical instruments. Another copper alloy is brass, which is composed of copper and zinc; in use for thousands of years already, brass is employed in a wide variety of functions, including sculpture and indoor decoration.

(Source: Study Predicts Rapid Growth in Solar Energy Market Will Lead to Opportunities for Copper, Copper Development Association, July 23, 2014)

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