Lifting the Mood in Residential Bathrooms with Quality Brass Tubing

Most people rarely spend more time in the bathroom than they need to. It’s merely a stopover before the morning rush to work, or a quick rest stop before resuming daily activities. That’s why many homeowners settle for the most basic of bathroom design and fittings before focusing on beautifying other areas of the house.

With the right touches, however, the bathroom can be a magnificent sanctuary inside your home. It can be a place to collect yourself and find your center before finding the hustle and bustle of the day.

Creating this ambiance doesn’t have to be expensive nor extravagant, either. Strategic design elements using quality brass tubing can spread a lovely visual warmth and feel inside any bathroom in your home.


Use for Piping

Exposed piping can quickly make a bathroom feel cold and unfriendly. Brass tubing can be used to hide these fittings and pipes. A lot of geometric shapes can be fashioned out of brass tubing, enabling you to integrate these pipes right into the bathroom’s whole theme. In fact, brass tube designs can fit into any design theme, such as nautical stripes or vintage flowers, making them truly versatile for this room of your home.

Use for Highlights

In addition to piping, brass tubing can also be integrated in other elements of your backroom. Think towel racks, handrails, foot rails, and curtain rods. It also works well for more aesthetic faucets. This is also a great strategy if you’d like brass touches to be a bit more subtle, since a little brass certainly goes a long way when it comes to design.

Perfect Characteristics

When it comes to bathroom design, you should look for specific qualities in the design material you’ll use. For instance, make sure that the material you bring into the bathroom does not rust. The bathroom is one of the most humid parts of the home, so you need material that can withstand these for many years. Brass possesses this quality, and it’s also incredibly durable, so you know that what you pick today will last a long time, making brass tubing a practical investment as well.

Besides brass tubing, other design methods like engraving brass are also a good way to incorporate this metal into your bathroom. Create complex designs and put them on display, or use them for light fixtures. Whatever you decide, you can be sure of a more beautiful and welcoming bathroom when you use brass.


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