The Beloved Metal of Open Seas: Keeping Ships Afloat With Muntz Metal

It’s a harsh world out there in the ocean. Many normal metals that function perfectly on land would not survive for long under the punishing conditions of sun and saltwater. That’s why special metals are needed to keep boats and ships functioning well for many years. Muntz metal is one such metal, and for lovers of the sea, it’s a necessary part of exploring the deep blue.

The Origins of Muntz Metal

It’s easy to assume that Muntz is its own type of metal, but it’s actually a brass alloy. The name Muntz came from George Fredrick Muntz who invented it in 1832. He perfected its zinc and copper content in Birmingham, and Muntz metal has been indispensable in various industries since then, most notably shipping.

Breaking Down Muntz Metal

The typical brass metal is composed of 33% zinc and 67% copper. Muntz metal changes this formula to 40% zinc and 60% copper, with trace amounts of iron in the mix. Making this metal more interesting is how it is produced. Copper is melted, zinc then added, and it’s all placed into clay-lined pans. After this step, all of it is put into ingot molds.

What results from this process is an extremely durable alloy which still remains incredibly light. Due to the lower copper content compared to brass, Muntz metal is also cheaper to manufacture. In fact, Muntz metal is priced lower than brass by a third, and this practicality contributes further to its popularity.

Withstanding the Challenges of the Sea

In addition to its lightness, durability, and cost-efficiency, what makes Muntz metal an indispensable material in the shipping industry is its particular chemistry. Submerged in water, the copper in Muntz metal poisons nearby organism which otherwise could damage a ship or boat parts. That’s why it’s used as a lining for ship hulls, because it prevents organisms from growing on the hull and weighing down the vessel.


Source Muntz Metal from Trusted Sources

Despite its excellent marine qualities, you’d only want to use high-quality materials to craft a seaworthy vessel that will serve you for a long time. Thankfully, brass sales from reliable contractors are not hard to find. These companies can provide you all the Muntz metal you need, and even fabricate rods, sheets, and fittings to satisfy your exact specifications.


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