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Originating from the Latin word “Cuprum,” copper is humanity’s oldest metal. Its discovery dates as far back as 8, 700 B.C. with a copper pendant discovered in Northern Iraq. In fact, copper has been with man for so long, the Egyptians had a symbol for copper within the hieroglyphs — the ankh, which they also used to denote eternal life.

Copper has improved life for mankind through the centuries, and it continues to be an invaluable metal today. Industries as diverse as shipping and interior design rely on copper to create projects that are beautiful, functional, and durable.

No matter the industry you are in, you might eventually find yourself looking for copper sheet metal suppliers to give exactly what you need to complete your project. In this case, an experienced, reliable contractor is a valuable ally when you’re sourcing for materials.

A Background in Copper

Of course, you can rely on your copper supplier to know everything there is about this metal. However, being informed about this material is an excellent way to narrow down your choices and ensure quality for your purchase.

International standards name copper as Alloy C110. Also known as ETP or Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper at 99.9% composition, it’s the purest you’ll find. In this form, copper is incredibly resistant to stress, malleable, conductive, thermal, and ductile.


Various Forms of Copper Available

Since it’s used in so many applications, trustworthy copper sheet suppliers have varying gauges in their inventory. Need it thin? You can get it at 0.15 inches. For thick applications, it can go as high as 0.75 inches. Depending on what you need, width varies as well, and you can even get your sheets hammered down for maximum pliability. Aside from sheets, copper can also be fashioned into square metal tubing, fittings, and other forms for your needs.

Almost Infinite Uses

Technology and enhanced skill now allows copper to be formed in numerous shapes. You can use copper from everything such as skylights, pipes, gutters, and flashings. In architecture, copper has also been used for facades to craft unforgettable structures. In the roofing business, copper is an in-demand material as well. Finally, interior designers and artisans use copper for its beauty, function, and capacity to be crafted into infinite designs.

Extraordinarily versatile, copper is a necessity in many projects. Make sure to source this material from dependable and established contractors to ensure success for your project.


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