Enact Sustainable Business Practices through Copper and Brass Sales

The market is seeing a significant green trend among businesses—and consumers are taking notice. In 2011, the number of businesses that incorporated eco-friendly practices into their business strategies rose by 65%. Millions of dollars have been invested in green tech, and thousands of clean-energy patents have been filed as of today.

While this is certainly good news for the planet, sustainable practices are also great news for businesses overall. In fact, trends show that consumers look favorably at companies that adopt these practices.

If you’re an entrepreneur, going green is clearly an excellent idea. However, the costs of such a shift might be making you hesitate. Yet even a few simple steps, such as integrating eco-friendly materials into the design of your premises, can go a long way, and you might find the solution when you hit copper and brass sales.


Sustainable Metal

You’ll find that brass is one of the most eco-friendly materials in the market. Recycled brass comprises most of the brass used in many industries today. It’s a practical alternative to producing brass from ores, making recycled brass almost 50% cheaper than the newly-produced type. Better yet, recycled brass has significantly less ecological impact because it doesn’t require newly-mined tin and copper.

To make recycled brass, old brass is melted down, then used again. Compared to other materials such as wood, this process does not detract from recycled brass’ suitability for industrial projects. Thanks to its unique properties, recycled brass is as good for any project as new brass.

Design Versatility

If you’re planning on redesigning your business premises, purchasing brass from copper & brass sales allows you to hit two birds with one stone. Already eco-friendly, brass is beautiful as well. Interior designers hail brass and copper as metals of the moment, its golden hue warming up any room and introducing a vintage and elegant aesthetic.

Add drama by adding brass light fixtures such as sconces. Change it up with brass or copper chairs. Keep it subtle by using brass for railings and racks. Go for a bit of quirk by putting up brass or copper clocks and other design elements.

Green is definitely in, and brass and copper sales let you help out the planet while making your business more attractive to consumers.


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