A Trusted Copper Sheet Supplier Shares Basic Copper Cleaning Tricks

Whether you use copper for your industrial projects or for creative ventures, you want the beauty of your creation to last a long time. Of course, you also want your clients to enjoy these as much as you do.

As a metal, copper does not require much maintenance. With time, it will undergo a natural patination process that transforms its original golden glow to shades of blue, red, green, or brown.

To some, this quality only makes objects made with copper even more attractive. Some of your clients, however, might prefer to maintain copper’s golden hue, making it important to share proper maintenance tips with them.


On display, copper items can acquire a layer of dust that can obstruct their looks. Dust the item gently to remove this layer. If you have smaller items with more complicated layers and designs, remember to add a few smaller tools such as a soft toothbrush so you can reach those nooks and crannies easily.



After knowing where to buy copper sheets then fashioning these into desired designs, an artisan might finish the process by applying lacquer on the item to prevent tarnishing. In this case, avoid scrubbing or polishing these items, since it can rub off the lacquer. Instead, get some soapy water, wash the item, and dry it completely.


A shiny copper item is a visual feast. To maintain this appeal, you’ll need to wax your copper item from time to time. However, remember not to polish too much or too aggressively to avoid damaging its surface.

What to Use

A soft cloth, cotton, or brushes with soft bristles will help ensure that a copper item gets cleaned thoroughly without doing it harm. If you’d like to keep it natural, homemade cleaning solutions such as lemon juice plus baking soda or a combination of flour, salt, and vinegar can be used for copper items. In addition, there are commercial polishing products that can be used to treat bronze as well.

Applying these easy tips will help preserve copper’s golden, warm aesthetics for a long time. To learn more, turn to a reputable and experienced copper sheet supplier to have any and all questions answered.


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