The Superiority of a Brass Tube for Any Household Plumbing Project

For many Americans, a home is one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make. It requires significant resources, and will be the hub of a family’s life for decades to come. Therefore, each part of the house should be built to last.

One of the most important considerations in building a home is the plumbing. It will supply water for everything from baths to washing the dishes. Therefore, proper care must be observed when choosing plumbing material.

Today, one of the most popular choices for water pipes is PVC. It’s cheap and easy to install, making it a tempting selection for both contractors and homeowners. Before you do decide on using PVC water pipes, however, it’s an excellent idea to consider brass plumbing fittings because of superior qualities that can make it a much better choice overall.


The Risks of PVC Plumbing

Compared to other plastic materials, PVC is certainly the stronger type. However, installation mistakes can make them prone to damage years down the line. In addition, PVC can break easily should accidents happen such as a person stepping on the pipes. PVC is also vulnerable to disasters like fires and earthquakes, leading to expensive and even potentially dangerous pipe leaks.

Why Brass is Better

An alloy of zinc and copper, brass is one of the most effective fittings when it comes to plumbing. It’s incredibly durably, long-serving, and resilient. You can expect many years of consistently great service from brass fittings. Your water pipes will not disintegrate or crack easily as well.

Furthermore, brass plumbing fittings are also perfect for household hot water distribution, thanks to its amazing conductivity. It will also remain remarkable ductile when exposed to high temperatures, making them fire resistant as well.

On top of this, the versatility of brass allows it to be fashioned into all sorts of widths, shapes, and sizes. Plumbing installations, therefore, can be easily followed to exact specifications. A brass tube will contribute to efficient water distribution in any home.

Finally, brass plumbing will enhance home value should a homeowner decide to sell their home, making them a wise investment. Make sure to find a supplier that is knowledgeable about the many specifications of brass such as square brass tubing to ensure the success of any plumbing project.


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