Malleable Brass: Versatile Sheet Metal Can Be Used to Create Wonders

Brass is a useful alloy that has a wide variety of uses. The bright shiny metal, a combination of copper and zinc, has several properties that make it ideal in many industries as the metal of choice. An excellent example is the use of high-quality brass sheet metal in furniture. Carla Kath’s recent article for the Kansas City Star highlights how having brass furniture can cast a touch of elegance in your home:

Brass provides warm, elegant touches for the holidays and beyond

“Whether you are using a shiny, reflective brass or a brass with a patina, both will give you a strong impact for your home,” said [Patrick] Madden. “The acquired, aged brass gives a look of warmth and almost a sense of the past. … The shiny, reflective brass gives you a crisp, clean look.”

The hearty metal has a glow that mixes well with the warm, rusty hues for fall on mantels and tabletops, but the glow doesn’t have to be too bright in today’s homes, said Ilianna Rafie, marketing strategist at Trapp and Company.

Brass furniture is just the beginning. The malleability of brass makes it also a perfect medium for sculptures. Sculptors the world over use brass to make fantastic creations that awe and inspire. Brass sculptures can retain their color for a long time, even when placed outside of your house. With the proper finishes and treatments, you can display a brass creation in full view of everyone.

However, brass isn’t just used for decorative purposes. Companies use small brass extrusions in various machines and products; brass handles on doors and electrical fixtures are used a lot, especially because of the metal’s ability to resist corrosion and conduct electricity. The conductivity of the metal makes it excellent for wiring in speakers; it lets the speaker deliver a wider range of sounds well.

Brass is used as much in the making of tools. Brass hammers and wrenches are used when delicate work is needed; the soft metal is perfect for machining steel without leaving a mark. Brass tools also don’t cause spark, making them ideal for working in places with explosive or inflammable materials. In the field of music, brass is tapped to make musical instruments, which helps generate a unique total quality for beautiful music. Moreover, it’s light enough to have a marching band carry these brass instruments over a good distance.

With all the amazing uses of brass and the various degree of brass quality on the market, you’ll want your brass to be of high quality. Buying brass products from dependable suppliers like Rotax Metals can assure you that you’ll get good value for your money.

(Source: Brass provides warm, elegant touches for the holidays and beyond, Kansas City Star, November 15, 2014)

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